Project Areas

Project Overview

Kin Mining NL (Kin) currently holds interests in six project areas, comprising 76 separate mineral tenements within the North-Eastern Goldfields Provence of Western Australia. These Leases cover a combined total area of approximately 300km2. Kin intends to conduct exploration mainly for gold but also for nickel, PGE and base metal mineralisation on their 64 Prospecting Licences “PL”, 4 Prospecting Licence Applications “PLA”, 2 Mining Licences “ML”, 3 Exploration Licences “EL” and 3 Exploration Licence Applications “ELA”.

The six project areas comprise Desdemona, Iron King Group, Murrin Murrin, Redcastle, Mt Flora and Randwick.


 Project Areas Location Plan

All the Projects are located in close proximity to operating mines and historic mining centers in the Leonora-Laverton region. Some of the tenements in the project areas have not previously undergone systematic, modern day exploration and hence their potential has never been fully evaluated.

The leases cover sections of Archaean Greenstone Belts which are a favorable age and lithology type to host gold, nickel and base metal mineralisation. Major lineaments, faults and shear systems dissect the project areas and are the structural controls for the primary mineralisation on the tenements.

A number of project areas have ‘walk up’ drill targets which have been delineated from the presence of historic gold workings and previously identified soil geochemical anomalies and shallow drilling intersections

The presence of deep regolith covering parts of several of the project areas has hitherto hindered the discovery of economic mineralisation. Many of the current targets have been identified from a combination of aeromagnetic survey and aerial imagery interpretation. These ‘greenfields’ areas are largely unexplored and present important targets for the identification of ‘blind’ mineralisation.

All six of the project areas are considered to have reasonable potential for hosting economic gold mineralisation. In addition some leases also have potential for nickel or base metal mineralisation.

The Desdemona, Iron King Group and Murrin Murrin Projects are considered to have the strongest potential to host significant economic mineralisation and hence are considered high priority target areas.


Total Magnetic Intensity Map showing Kin Project Areas with Major Gold and Nickel Deposits and major structural liniments