The Desdemona project area is located approximately 10 to 34km south of Leonora. The holding area has good potential for the discovery of economic gold, nickel, PGEs and base metals mineralisation.

The Desdemona project area overlies the western contact of the Melita Greenstone Belt and the Mary Bore Magnetic Complex. The stratigraphy generally strikes northeast-southwest and is offset by several strike-slip faults. The Gwalia and Mt George Shear Zones form the margin between the granitoids (granitic gneiss) to the west and the greenstones to the east.

The project area overlies typical Archaean greenstones and meta-sediments intruded by sill-like bodies of mafic and ultramafic rocks. Mafic lavas, rhyolites and dacites predominate in the sequence, with dolerites and gabbros being the dominant intrusives.

Early exploration of the project area by previous explorers was hindered by the presence of widespread transported cover and deep clay overburden. Many RAB drill programs conducted in the project area were unsuccessful, as target depths to test the bedrock could not be achieved due to swelling clays or major water in-flows from buried palaeo-channels.

At the Kingfisher Prospect previous drilling has shown that the contact between the base of an ultramafic unit and a rhyolitic footwall is highly prospective for Au, Ni, Cu, and PGEs. On M40/330 RAB, RC and diamond drilling has intersected significant Ni-Cu-PGE-Co-Au mineralisation at the Kingfisher Prospect and deeper drilling is required to delineate massive nickel and copper sulphides along an ultramafic contact with felsic rocks. Significant gold mineralisation has also been identified at the Pelican Prospect and on P40/1263, where two gold soil anomalies are yet to be drill tested.

Anomalous RAB drill intercepts have been identified at a number of places in the project area including the Charcoal, Charcoal West and Egret Prospects and these will require follow-up drilling to test for the full extent of this mineralisation.

 Desdemona Tenements, Local Geology and Kin Prospects