The Redcastle Project  comprises fifteen PLs situated immediately northeast of the historic Redcastle Mining Centre and is located about 64km east of Leonora within the Murrin Murrin District of the Mt Margaret Mineral Field of W.A.

The Redcastle project area covers a NW trending sequence of tholeiitic mafic volcanics, dolerites and gabbros which are intruded by porphyry intrusives.  Primary gold mineralisation is hosted by quartz vein stockworks within intensely altered quartz-dolerites and controlled by numerous NW trending, generally NE dipping fault zones.

FIG 12Redcastle Tenements showing Outcrop Geology, Detecting Patches and Gold Targets

Metal detecting and prospecting has been widespread in the area since the early 1980s and has resulted in the discovery of some large and spectacular gold nuggets.

Recent geological interpretation work by Kin has highlighted the high prospectivity of the Redcastle project area. Kin has identified numerous priority exploration targets on the basis of strong alteration associated with favourable structural intersections and granitic intrusions.

 Recent rock chip sampling at Redcastle returned two significance results, 4.64g/t Au and 2.69g/t Au, from copper-stained vein quartz at the Bellbird workings on P37/5105. An interpreted south easterly trending magnetic gabbro sill extends under cover from Bellbird into P39/5267, where the next highest gold value, 2.02g/t Au, was returned from the “White Shaft”. Both old workings are associated with a gabbro/tholeiitic volcanic contact on the eastern limb of the north plunging Redcastle Anticline.

Historical drilling by Terrain Minerals in the vicinity of White Shaft gave a best intersection of 2 m @ 15.3 g/t Au which was never followed up.